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Productive ground, proud communities and a cooperative spirit

Chandler is a locally owned, financially strong and stable cooperative with locations in southwestern Minnesota. We owe our long-term success to employees who care, and a corporate structure where our customers are our owners.

We are here to do the right thing for patrons, not just collect a paycheck. We relentlessly seek new ways to help our members succeed, whether that’s providing prompt knowledgeable service or paying back equity to bolster their bottom lines.

Stop into any Chandler Cooperative location. We’re confident you will quickly understand why our employees and members are such strong partners for shared success.

It’s a cooperative spirit that’s been shining for more than 60 years.

“Our patrons should know that they are appreciated, and we are looking out for their best interests. That’s what we as a board and management are trying to do.”
Aaron Kluis, Chandler, MN

Giving Back

Chandler Cooperative proudly gives back to our local communities through donations of time, expertise and dollars.

We support local scholarships, FFA, county fairs, local fire departments and more. We encourage our employees to participate in local efforts, and we seek out new ways to get involved.

If your organization has a worthy cause that makes our communities stronger, reach out to us. We all benefit when we work together.

2018 Joshua Raak

Rock County Fair

Edgerton FFA Greenhouse Donation

Edgerton FFA Greenhouse Donation

Ribbon Winner

Ribbon Winner

Paying back

You become a member of Chandler Cooperative simply by doing business with us. As a member, you earn equity in the cooperative based on your purchases. We have a solid history of paying back equity.

You (or your estate) benefit from equity ownership in several ways:

  • We typically pay annual dividends (patronage).
  • You receive a full equity payout when you turn 70.
  • If you continue to patronize Chandler Co-op after age 70, you’ll be rewarded with another full equity payout at age 85.
  • As you build equity, you receive additional cash back after you’ve been a member for 13 years. This is called revolving equity.

Officers and Directors

Curt Van Dyke, Director
Tracy Fey, Director
Josh Bonnstetter, Chairman
Keith Carlson, Vice Chairman
Shane Fey, Secretary 

Senior Management

Jeff Einck

Jeff Einck, CEO

Jeromy Long

Jeromy Long, Agronomy Manager