SECURE by WinField: Financing for agronomic success

Operating loans from traditional ag lenders are based on financial factors, not yield potential. As a result, they often lend only up to the amount of insured production for operating loans, which can leave growers short the dollars needed to farm most profitably. 

  • SECURE by WinField United supplements bank loans with low-cost, fixed-rate financing. 
  • SECURE by WinField requires no collateral up to $500,000. This makes the loan “unsecured,” so there is no lien on grain or land. 
  • SECURE is available in the fall, so you can take advantage of early-order discount programs (often at 0% interest). 
  • Payment isn’t due until after the crop is sold, giving you time to market crops at a more opportune time.

Even if the current year’s loan isn’t paid off, you can take out a second loan for the coming season.

CHS Capital

We also offer financing through CHS Capital, which can be especially important if you only need financing for fertilizer. Ask us for more information.

Product-specific Financing

We work with other financing sources for specialty purposes. These include John Deere for specific seed and chemicals, and Brevant for financing their branded seed products. Talk to us for more information about whether one of these options is best for you.

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