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Warmth Without Worry

When we say we focus on customer service, it’s not just talk. We are your neighbors, and we strive to be responsive, knowledgeable and caring. We take care of our customers and do what we can to make it easy for you to be our customer.

You’ll find that our prices are competitive, we put safety first, and our salespeople, drivers and service technicians listen to your needs and concerns.

Southwestern Minnesota turns to Chandler Cooperative for propane, and we’re here to help. Set up an account today, and let us take care of your home heating needs.

Propane Appliances

We sell and service a number of propane appliances and equipment, including propane tanks, garage and shop heaters, water heaters, fireplaces and grills. Contact us for details when you have a need for propane appliances or equipment. 

Refill your smaller tanks

Visit our refill stations in Chandler, Edgerton and Slayton for smaller cylinders and RVs and campers.

Propane/Fuel Oil

We have service options to always keep your tank full, or we’ll wait to hear from you and promptly deliver propane or fuel oil at your request.

We also offer payment options, so talk with us to understand which works best for your situation. Some examples include:

  • Sign up for yearly budget billing. This program evens out your payments across the year, so you don’t have a spike in your costs during the winter heating months.
  • Prepay for your needs to lock in a price


Safety comes first with Chandler, and our people receive ongoing training from an outside safety expert to ensure that we are the best at what we do. Our primary goal every day is to make sure our employees and customers are safe.

We routinely conduct leak checks and we always do a system inspection when initiating service, whether you own the tank and equipment or if it’s a new installation. 

Additionally, we make sure existing equipment is brought up to code, and we will conduct a leak check on the system any time a system is opened or runs out of fuel.

Watch for our annual awareness mailing to understand what you can do to ensure your propane equipment is safe and check out our safety materials here. 

Have An Emergency? Dial 911

Propane Service and Key Facts

We supply and service your tank, and we do not charge rent on the tank.
When service or repairs are necessary, we’re there for you. We take care of costs related to the tank, but you pay for the line going to the house and anything inside the home.

When you work with Chandler Cooperative for your residential propane or fuel oil needs, you become part of the company. As a customer you are also an owner, which brings many benefits.

We have seven delivery trucks and 360,000 gallons of propane storage to keep your tank supplied.

Our delivery drivers are also trained service technicians.

Home Heat Staff
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