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When you work with Chandler Cooperative Agronomy, you’ll find we have the equipment and the people to get the job done promptly and professionally when you need it. You’ll also find you’ve gained a partner to help you with agronomic decisions that support the future of your farming business.

We look to continually improve how we approach agronomy, so we can help our farmer customers do the same. We like to work closely with customers to develop plans that support the goals for each individual field.

Our goal is to help each customer realize the profit potential of each acre for the future success of the farm.
Contact one of our agronomy sales representatives to discuss how Chandler Cooperative may benefit your farm.

“They’re out there helping us scout to figure out what happened if things like chemical treatments didn’t turn out as expected. Their willingness to get things corrected goes a long way in business.”
Josh Bonnstetter, Slayton, MN

Ag Tech

At Chandler Cooperative, we do our homework into new technologies and advise our customers on which options may best fit their operation.

Drone Data

Precision Ag

We have the hardware, software and expertise to help you take full advantage of variable-rate technology (VRT) and other precision agriculture techniques. We’ve been on the forefront of the precision farming movement for years, and we regularly make new investments to improve our equipment and training.

Precision agriculture is a cornerstone of sustainable agriculture, since it respects crops, soils and farmers. We use VRT for both seed and fertilizer, and we make decisions on the best prescription for an individual field by using numerous tools, including:

Climate Fieldview

Climate Fieldview’s goal is to put all your data in one place. You can collect data including in-season images, weather, planting, spraying, soil sampling, harvest and fertilizer as-applied all in one place and then break the data down into usable information. We can also upload all your grid sampling data to give you additional insights into your fields. By having all this data in one place, we can make better decisions to drive the profitability of your operation.

Helpful Links for Climate

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Planning your farm inputs based on real-time data collection >
In-cab setup – how to set up Bluetooth >
Video – Connecting a FieldView Drive to the FieldView Cab App >


This program enables and simplifies variable rate applications. It is a go-to tool at Chandler Cooperative for layering data, equation development and output of variable rate prescriptions. We utilize soil testing and yield data points and work with our farmers to determine how aggressive they want to be with yield goals. We then write fertility prescriptions that drive production and protect the environment.

R7® Tool

This tool from Winfield provides in-season maps, variable-rate maps, and a field monitoring tool that shows if a field is trending up or down in comparison to other fields. It also can provide yield predictions for soybeans and corn, which helps guide seed recommendations.

Additional Ag Tech Tools

We use a number of other tools to help gather data to drive insights and improve each farm and each field.

• Drones
• Stand counts
• Satellite imagery
• Crop scouting
• Seed prescriptions
• Yield mapping

Recognized as a Leader

Chandler Cooperative was recognized for its exceptional use of Climate with a National Achievement Award and a Minnesota sales award. Everyone here is trained on how to use this valuable tool, and we currently use Climate on nearly 90 local farms encompassing more than 100,000 acres.


Chandler: The Right Place for Crop Nutrients

Our significant investments in fertilizer equipment and infrastructure allow you to provide your crops with the nutrition they need when they need it. We also have the technology and expertise in-house to develop a plan for your fields based on Chandler Cooperative data to deliver more yield from every acre.

Loading Fertilizer


  • We carry a wide selection of crop nutrient products, including macros, secondary, starters and micronutrients to manage plant nutrition needs.
  • Our equipment allows us to utilize multiple nitrogen applications to deliver this vital nutrient when the crop needs it.
  • We also utilize nitrogen stabilizers to prevent losses of N fertilizer and increase N-use efficiency by the crop.
  • We utilize soil testing to either build nutrients in the soil or put a maintenance program in place. We have the ability to soil test fields on grids, and then use variable rate technology to apply nutrients.
  • We adhere to the 4Rs philosophy, utilizing the right fertilizer source, at the right time, in the right place and at the right amount.

Featured Nutrients



A nutrient blend designed to provide uniform nutrient distribution, increased uptake, and season-long sulfur availability through advanced crop nutrition techniques and technologies.

Visit the MicroEssentials website >

Ascend® Pro

Ascend® Pro

This plant growth regulator can help improve root growth and provide better early season vigor. This formulation was designed to provide more consistent performance across all environmental conditions.



Zinc is an essential micronutrient for plant life. In Minnesota, while some soils are capable of supplying adequate amounts for crop production, addition of zinc fertilizers is needed for others. Zinc is a recommended micronutrient in fertilizer programs for production of corn, sweet corn and edible beans.

ContaiN Nitrogen Stabilizer

ContaiN Nitrogen Stabilizer

This nitrogen management product works above and below the soil. It is ideal for pairing with urea or UAN to efficiently increase nitrogen usage and reduce loss due to volatilization and improve below-ground efficiency. ContaiN can be used with multiple sources of fertilizer



This nitrogen stabilizer maximizes nitrogen when used with UAN, urea and liquid manure.

Get your agronomy internship at Chandler Cooperative

Start your career in agronomy at Chandler through our internship program. We’ll tailor an internship to your interest, whether you want to be an agronomist or a Terragator operator. You’ll learn about many different parts of the professional at multiple locations. Find out more and apply today.

Crop Protection Products

Solving Problems to Protect Your Profits

From regulations to new chemistries to herbicide-resistant weeds, you need a partner who is on top of the latest developments in crop protection. Chandler Cooperative has the knowledge to deliver what you need for your fields.

We work with all the basic manufacturers of crop protection chemicals to provide a large selection of products, including generics. To meet your needs, we’ll discuss your concerns with each field, scout the field and get it sprayed if necessary.

Capitalizing on Programs

We’re your advocate in getting the most out of manufacturer programs for rebates and other purchasing incentives to keep more money in your pocket. Click the programs below to learn more and then talk to us about how we can make them work for your farm.

Bayer PLUS

Bayer PLUS

Earn cash back all year-round by choosing products from Bayer’s broad portfolio that are right for your operation. Chandler is here to help you get the most from this rewarding program.

Visit Bayer Plus rewards website >

Corteva TruChoice

Corteva TruChoice

TruChoice® offers help you save on hundreds of crop protection products from Corteva Agriscience™. This program provides savings at the time of purchase, without waiting for rebates.

Visit Corteva TruChoice >



Agronomic solutions from BASF are simple, flexible and focused on what works for you. BASF products can help you earn the ultimate reward at harvest. Talk with Chandler to put the right plan in place.

Visit BASF >

Winfield adjuvants

Winfield United offers a premium line of adjuvants to ensure the performance of crop protection products. This extensive lineup of adjuvants includes drift control agents, oils, surfactants, water conditioners and other utility products that help you optimize your spray application. 

Some of the most popular products for our local, southwest Minnesota crops include: 

Class Act NG adjuvant

Class Act NG adjuvant

This liquid spray tank additive is designed to promote fast, aggressive weed control. As a hard water conditioner, it meets ammonium sulfate (AMS) requirements of low- and no-load glyphosate-based herbicides. It’s also applicable with glufosinate-based herbicides. 

Read more about Class Act NG >

Optify XX adjuvant

Class Act NG adjuvant

This liquid spray tank additive is designed to promote fast, aggressive weed control. As a hard water conditioner, it meets ammonium sulfate (AMS) requirements of low- and no-load glyphosate-based herbicides. It’s also applicable with glufosinate-based herbicides. 

Learn more about Optify >


Interlock adjuvant


This liquid spray tank additive is designed to promote fast, aggressive weed control. As a hard water conditioner, it meets ammonium sulfate (AMS) requirements of low- and no-load glyphosate-based herbicides. It’s also applicable with glufosinate-based herbicides. 

Read more about Interlock >


We’re ready for anything

We are a full-service agronomy company, with the people and equipment to handle pretty much any agronomic challenge.


Custom Application

Custom Application

You can utilize our custom application services or buy product from us to apply yourself. If you don’t use your entire purchase, we allow you to return unused product for a refund.

We employ the latest technology across a large fleet of application equipment. Every piece of Chandler equipment has variable rate technology capability to meet the needs of each individual fertilizer prescription. Our largest equipment can variable-rate apply up to six products.

For crop protection applications, we make investments in technology that allow us to do the best job possible.

  • We utilize Aim Command Flex, which maintains a consistent spray pattern and pressure across the field.
  • Rigs also use sensing technology that tells the applicator when a nozzle is plugged.


We regularly scout fields to make informed recommendations for timely spray and the best product, whether that’s for herbicides, disease or pests.



Sampling data gathered over time can be invaluable in fine tuning fertilizer prescriptions and crop protection plans. We utilize tissue, soil and grid sampling. Alfalfa, in particular, benefits from tissue sampling to correct soil nutrient deficiencies.


Local Knowledge, National Brands

The best seed is the one that performs in the soils and environment of your farm. At Chandler Cooperative, we have a deep understanding of local agronomic factors that influence the success of the seed that goes in the ground.

This knowledge comes from years of working closely with our customers, utilizing test plots and consulting with experts from the brands we represent.

We will sit down with you to make a plan, based on a field-by-field approach. Our agronomists then make recommendations based on Chandler Cooperative research and Answer Plot data.

Seed Brands

When selecting hybrids and varieties for your farm, you need to consider new trait technologies, genetics, management practices, fertility and soil types, among other factors. Let us help you plan a seed selection strategy that delivers the best result based on your objectives.

We represent multiple brands to better match the right seed to every acre. We carry seed for corn, soybeans, alfalfa and custom cover crop blends.

We trial new numbers with our seed partners to understand which holds the best potential for the future. We also attend more than our share of meetings to learn what seed companies are saying and determine which practices will benefit our customers.

The Proof is in the Plot

Answer Plots gather data from multiple production measures to help determine which seed products perform best in various soils and management techniques. Talk to us to review maturity data and discover which hybrids or varieties are most likely to perform in your fields.

Seed Treatment

Treat it Right!

We don’t just carry multiple brands of seed. We protect that seed, store it and deliver it where and when you need it.

We’re specialists in seed treatment to get plants off to the best start possible, and our programs are as flexible as you’ll find anywhere. We treat seed with fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, plant growth regulators and sudden death syndrome preventers.

When it comes time for delivery, our seed tenders deliver to the farm, in-field or wherever you need it.

Secure Financing

Financing for agronomic success

Operating loans from traditional ag lenders are based on financial factors, not yield potential. As a result, they often lend only up to the amount of insured production for operating loans, which can leave growers short the dollars needed to farm most profitably.

  • SECURE by WinField United supplements bank loans with low-cost, fixed-rate financing. 
  • SECURE by WinField requires no collateral up to $500,000. This makes the loan “unsecured,” so there is no lien on grain or land. 
  • SECURE is available in the fall, so you can take advantage of early-order discount programs (often at 0% interest). 
  • Payment isn’t due until after the crop is sold, giving you time to market crops at a more opportune time.
  • Even if the current year’s loan isn’t paid off, you can take out a second loan for the coming season.

Need Help?

Talk to an agronomy representative at Chandler Cooperative for more information on this farmer-focused financing option.

Call Jeff  Einck: (507) 677-2207

Agronomy Staff

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