Practice Makes Profit

Jul 19, 2022

Practice Makes Profit
The 2022 Truterra™ summer carbon program is now open through June 30. Earn up to $25 per ton of new carbon stored from implementing new conservation practice changes.*

Take the carbon survey to see if you are eligible and enroll below. 


Truterra is the leading farmer-driven ag and food sustainability company in the U.S., combining strong carbon credit science and insights to help farmers unlock the value of every acre. Increase profitability and be rewarded for the work you are doing to store carbon in your soil by partnering with Truterra.  

*You're only eligible if you've changed your tillage to reduced, strip or no till and/or added cover crops in the past three crop years. 

Join Us For A Grower Meeting

Please join us for a meeting to discuss sustainability practices and Truterra's Carbon Program.

When: Thursday, June 23rd 2022
Where: Two options
  1. Edgerton Location: 10 a.m.- Noon
  2. Lake Wilson Fertilizer Plant: 1 p.m.-3 p.m.


Chandler Co-op
151 5th St.
Chandler, MN 56122

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Jul 21, 2022
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